Welcome to Warner Family Chiropractic!

What makes our office different is we practice chiropractic in its purest form. That is we work with the nervous system so that the body can heal itself and perform to its fullest potential.

1. The POWER that HEALS is INSIDE your BODY

2. The POWER flows from the BRAIN into the BODY through the NERVES

3. The POWER can be cut off by NERVE PRESSURE

4. This POWER can be turned ON again by CHIROPRACTIC ADJUSTMENTS

If there is interference in the communication between the brain and the body, then we are not functioning to our fullest potential. We are not healing or functioning at our full capacity.

This interference is caused by a vertebral subluxation, a bone in the spine that is out of alignment putting pressure on a spinal nerve.

Removal of that interference via a chiropractic adjustment restores our ability to heal faster, function better, and PERFORM to our fullest potential.