We Love Kids

Studies show the importance of getting children’s spines checked regularly for subluxations that compromise their immune systems. Our office believes in the importance of children getting adjusted for optimal function of their nervous systems.

Infants and toddlers are always falling down. This too may cause subluxations.
Why not give your newborn baby and children the greatest possible chance at a healthy life from the very start?

It is important for infants and children to get their spines checked, because they may have nerve interference also. They have all the same body parts as adults, so why shouldn’t they get their spines checked?

When an infant or child recieves a spinal adjustment, the pressure used to move the bone or cartilidge is just as gentle as the pressure of a finger resting on your hand. That’s all it takes to move the bone of a child. With this knowledge, ask yourself how much pressure, or how many falls does it take to misalign or subluxate a bone, causing that nerve pressure to occur?

Dr. Tim has adjusted many children during his time in Peru. In this video we can see the gentle pressure used for adjustments on children.